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Usr ports updating permission denied A buffer overflow issue that led to a security vulnerability in Image Magick was found.Unprivileged local users could exploit this vulnerability to trigger root remote code execution by uploading a crafted TIFF file.A PHPMailer vulnerability (CVE-2016-10033) in which remote code execution could be performed via command injection has been revealed.

As the proliferation of cybercrime and increasingly sophisticated malware evolves, Synology continues to devote resources to mitigate threats and is dedicated to providing the most reliable solutions for users.I start by describing how to get the Raspberry Pi running with just a LAN connection - no display, keyboard or mouse - a so-called headless operation.I then describe how to configure NTP for your environment, and adding a GPS/PPS receiver to convert your box into a stratum-1 NTP server including the operating system updates needed.Next, I note a couple of problems I had with the first GPS receiver I tried, and how I cured those with a different GPS receiver to produce a stratum-1 NTP server consuming about 4 watts.The easiest approach with good performance is described here.

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