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Common problems with the San Disk Sansa Fuze media player include the device failing to turn on, problems getting audio files to play, the device freezing, the device not being recognized by a computer and more.Try working through your issues using troubleshooting before scraping the device in favor of something else.On the Sansa main menu, with the player disconnected, push the menu button repeatedly past Music, Video, Voice, to "Settings." This is where you'll start.Push the center button, then the top button, "USB Mode." From there scroll to "MSC" and press the center button again. The player will, when connected, appear as a standard flash drive.

If the media player still freezes up, you're problem is much larger.This unit is very small, stylishly black, and will work seamlessly with any Linux distribution that recognizes USB block devices, like flash drives, CD players, etc. Most of them require the use of a supplied utility to load content. I am assuming one has successfully ripped CDs or otherwise loaded .mp3 directories onto his or her hard drive using, for example, GRIP.Sansa makes several units with this basic design, from 512 mb all the way up to 8gb. I will also explain how to reset the player if, as happened to me, deleting my current crop of tunes left me with undeletable garbage directories.Also, this article lays out how to restore the media player's factory settings, which can resolve most problems.Various factors can cause the Sansa Fuze to freeze up.

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Turn off Napster HQ audio (click the gear icon, uncheck High Quality)7. Make sure Napster 6 has been opened in Administrator Mode (right click the Napster icon and choose “Run as administrator”) For Issues with MP3 Players1. Check that the MP3 player is in “MTP" mode in the player settings4. Format your MP3 player by choosing "Format" from inside the player settings. Uninstall Napster 6 from Add / Remove Programs and reinstall it.

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