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If you lived during the Victorian period, you wouldn’t be allowed to speak to a woman, even after introduction.

You’d have to present your card to her and the lady would choose who she wanted to escort her home – with a chaperone present, of course!

In England, a suitor would give a girl he liked a pair of gloves.Remember that it’s you who has made the rule, the rules don’t make you.) is a 2005 South Korean film starring Park Hae-il and Kang Hye-jung, and is the directorial debut of filmmaker Han Jae-rim. While going out for drinks one night, Yu-rim suddenly tells Hong that he wants to have sex with her. And so begins a battle of will and wits, both between each other and within themselves, as both Yu-rim and Hong are unsure of what each other wants and what they want themselves. To make matters worse, the rules are changing all the time thanks to things like mobile dating, texting, and shifting social norms.So, if you are confused by all the rules and advice on how to date a girl, you are not alone!

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