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We are passionate about providing our customers with a premium yarn at an unbeatable price. Our consistent, honest pricing means that our customers can be confident that they're getting the best possible price. Tattoos arise from a rich cultural history dating back 5,000 years.The earliest record of tattoos, to date, was found in 1991 on the frozen remains of the Copper Age "Iceman" scientists have named Ötzi.It’s that time of year again; the sun is shining, strawberries and cream are at the ready and Murray Mountain’s population is growing by the second – it’s Wimbledon!But as the above picture would suggest, the action on centre court has proved to be incidental for this knitting enthusiast.

Watching Britain’s Andy Murray, the yarn enthusiast was a complete contrast to the…

Since lower-class families did not have the resources to entertain potential suitors in their home, many couples began leaving the house to spend time together.

Thus, the phrase "going out on a date" became popularized.

With a rich history dating back to 1784, Marriner Yarns is Britain's oldest and, arguably, best loved knitting yarn.

From our beginnings as a cotton spinning mill in Yorkshire, right up to selling our yarn online; our company's two hundred year history has run parallel with Britain's love of knitting.

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"It's a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling," sings Jimmy Buffett of parents' dismay over their daughter's tattoo.