Paralegals dating service

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Paralegals dating service

And there's some truth in the saying, because paralegals aid attorneys in nearly every facet of the legal profession.

From drafting motions to summarizing reports of legal precedent, a paralegal can help lighten a lawyer's load tremendously.

They work in law firms, corporations, the government and other practice environments and must operate under the supervision of a lawyer. They can't represent a client in court, establish legal fees or sign documents that will be filed with the court.

Paralegals assist attorneys in resolving lawsuits and as such, their duties are diverse.

They might investigate the facts of a case, interview clients and witnesses, perform legal research, and draft pleadings, deposition notices, subpoenas, motions and briefs.

They might handle discovery and organize and manage files, documents and exhibits.

Only licensed attorneys may give legal advice to consumers of legal services, and paralegals are prohibited from doing so.

Paralegals, also known as legal assistants, are individuals who are trained to assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services.

Answer: Yes, in most states it is legal to use the services of a certified paralegal to help with the paperwork generated by the divorce process.

In some states independent paralegals have been given legal right to serve as “legal document preparers.” Meaning, if you have a motion to file or petition to draw up, you are within your legal rights to hire a paralegal to do so.

Their knowledge of court procedure and state divorce laws are limited which makes them less valuable in a high conflict situation.

As with a divorce attorney, you should not contract with a paralegal without first doing research into his/her background.

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But some paralegals work their way up, starting as legal secretaries with a firm and taking on more and more responsibility as they learn the ropes and become indispensable to the firm.