Much dating

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Much dating

Whipping out vouchers is considered a no-no by most, so why not ingeniously combine food and entertainment by going foraging?

You can treat your date to roadside dandelions, supermarket cast-offs that are past their use-by date and pollution-infused blackberries.

About half of men, according to the Match survey, think men should pay on dates; 36 percent of women agree.

The next biggest spenders on dates are the Spanish at £55 followed by the Dutch at £52.

took a deep dive just in time for tax day deep to figure out how much singles are really spending on dating, a topic the Observer thoroughly investigated last year.

Match found that singles who aren’t in New York spend a bit less than the typical Wall Street bro we interviewed, but more overall on a year of dating.

But only 3% of those people actually purchased the jam; at the table with just six jams, 30% of shoppers did.

Well, not necessarily being single in itself, but dating certainly can require deep pockets - or creativity.

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