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As I've already begun my well-deserved single man shopping spree this season, I've spotted some things I'd deem holiday gift appropriate for that new guy in your life.Because we all know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for bae, here a few gift ideas just about any guy would enjoy: Let's face it: Beanies have an undeniable way of making guys more attractive.In my eyes, the item itself shouldn't be factored in when measuring how much you truly care about a person.Literally, someone I'm dating could give me dirty shoelaces, and I'd wrap them around my bed post like a jolly Christmas wreath.Sometimes the simplest gift is the best gift—especially when a relationship is just finding its sea legs. Infatuation comes with some downfalls though, such as chapped lips.Grabbing the tab after a night of drinks (or even dinner, too) is a sincere gesture to make, especially if your new guy has been treating for everything except the occasional coffee and a bagel on the weekends. This affordable drugstore gift is a sweet way to say, “Pucker up, babe! On the other hand, you don't want too come off skimpy, handing him a VISA gift card after he's just gifted you with the shiniest jewelry you've ever seen.

This one is cute and silly and artistic, so don’t be surprised if it ends up on his fridge.I'm not sure if it's the overtly hipster feel, or just pure clothing magic, but you can never go wrong with this item when it comes to feeling warm but looking ~hot~.Make it complete with a matching scarf or pair of gloves, and you're good to go.This is a token, not an engagement ring Personal - let them know you’ve been listening to what they’ve been saying Sounds easy, right? We’ve built an entire collection - 13 different options - of things we know will be a hit. that was just a fluke, not a metaphor for the future of your relationship. You can win your favourite thing from the 13 we’ve picked, by voting and commenting.

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