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Now enter battle (Note: After the battle is done, Lucky 7's will disappear and your health will drop to one even if you didn't get hit, but if you did get hit, you health will be unaffected).

The following are lists of materia combinations that will give you an advantage over tough enemies such as Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon.

Use the following materia (must be mastered) to pull off a six in a row summon combo. Place the materia in this exact order: Materia on weapon: Sneak Attack = Choco Mog, Sneak Attaack = Mime, Sneak Attack = Ifirt, Sneak Attack = Mime Materia on armor: Sneak Attack = Shiva, Sneak Attack = Mime, Sneak Attack = Mime, nothing = Pre-emptive There is a neat little trick, and probably the coolest one in the game, that allows you to attack an enemy 64 times taking 7777 points of damage at the beggining of the battle. First, find an easy battle like near Midgar or Kalm.

Destroy all but one enemy then cast stop on the remaining oppenent.

with Kaoru * medicplz = 1000 HP * ihasmoolah = 00 * epicpickpocket = All items * arentishiny = Full stats * worldismine = 1000 HP, 00, and all items and full stats * hibernate = Skip to the day of the cultural festival Enter the cheat codes by clicking the bottle which is at the beach.

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Then using the allies that you cast mini on, attack the ally that doesn't have mini until their health is below 7777 and ends in 77 like 7677 or 7577 or so on and so forth.

Each day you will have an amount of HP to complete actions such as training and a clock that will determine how much work and other activities you can fit into a day before you must sleep.

Being based on an RPG, you have a lot more stats to build than you would in your average dating game.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Final Fantasy VII for PC.

You can do a lot by linking Cover materia to Counter materia.

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