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He hasnt made her a wife just yet so she’s sitting in limbo.

At this level, the female either eventually marries her babies daddy and upgrades to a wife or stays in forever baby mama land.

and how he was conflicted on whether or not he wanted me because I had 2 kids... that really tore me..its the reason why I broke up with him the first time I know...

which is why I let him go, what I didn't appreciate was the fact he came back...

All it requires to successfully date a dad is to follow a few simple protocols and have a bit of patience.For me, personally, Id have to say, Absolutely not!My ex literally had the worst possible baby mama that you could ever have.Recently, he and I made plans to have a friendly, totally platonic drink to celebrate my promotion.He canceled the day of because his youngest daughter had hit her head and he’d spent the previous night in the emergency room.

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The girls’ mother also had a demanding job, so she never seemed available to deal with her own children.