Dating a man who smokes pot

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Hes an AMAZING dad and doesnt do it near her or lets her near any of it, which i really am thankful for, but I just struggle to cope with it all.Anyone else out there putting up with a partner who is the same? • What is it about marijuana use that makes it a deal breaker for you? • If you are a marijuana smoker, when do you share these details in a new relationship? We both attribute the amount of weed we smoke — we light up almost every day — to the fact that our jobs are so highly technical. If you're a functional pothead, you don't have to think twice about it." – Emily, 28, web designer, San Francisco, CAThe Post-Alcohol Smoker"My boyfriend is pretty much the only person I smoke with..home, at night, or on weekends during the day.When we have sex after smoking, there's definitely more of an observational quality to it.

Chances are, a pothead's i Tunes folder will contain one of two genres of music: synthy Europop or a lot of reggaeton to facilitate the spacing out that accompanies smoking a joint.

The federal government has held firm to its position that marijuana is a serious drug deserving serious criminal treatment – even going as far as conducting raids on various medicinal marijuana retailers in California.

Studies tell us that about 10 million Americans are regular marijuana smokers, which makes it more than a little likely that your active dating life will present you with these questions: • Are you willing to date someone who is a regular marijuana user?

On a related note, while Your Tango does not condone illegal activity, we will recommend consulting your pot-smoking boyfriend if you ever feel like trying it out.

You should not attempt to get high for the first time without an experienced person present.5. Or if he's a jerk, he might sneak you some or make you feel like a total prude for not wanting to smoke up.

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Seemed as if we had known who smokes a he would be able to snap her fingers and started sucking on it with.

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